Should your event have additional lighting or multi media needs in order to add an extra touch of elegance or fun, Party People San Diego has an array of custom lighting & projection services available for our clients.

Ambient Up Lighting:                                   

Up lighting or (mood lighting) will significantly enhance any room or venue and ads tremendous esthetic appeal to your event. If you are going for that wow factor at your next event I highly recommend Up Lighting as a way to really make your event stand out and make the room pop.

GOBO/ Monogram Lighting:

Monogram Lighting allows clients to project Initials, Names and Company Logos onto a dance floor wall or ceiling.  Adds a personal touch to any event and truly makes a statement that will enhance any event.

Slide Show & Video Projection:

Many events are a time of sharing memories or information with guests. Whether you want to commemorate a love or introduce a new product, multimedia presentations are an effective way to communicate and share with a large group. Party People will provide a projection screen with projector so you can share your presentation with your guests.

Pin Spot Lighting

Pin Spot Lighting is an effective tool in bringing special attention to an event accent like a Cake, Floral Arrangement, Desert Bar, Award or Prize. If you have an item of honor in your event space you really want to showcase then a custom Pin Spot will really shine some light on the item.